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Welcome to the Verified Beef Production Plus Program

Increasingly, beef retailers are trying to prove to their customers that they are doing the right thing. For the most part this does not mean they simply accept assurances of producers or suppliers that they are doing so. It means production practices need to be verified or audited through an accredited program that consumers trust and retailers can use.

This is where VBP+ fits in perfectly.

Get Started. it's simple.

Here are the 3 Easy Steps
  1. Learn about VBP+
  2. Enroll in the VBP+ program
  3. On-Farm audit

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Certified Producer profiles

Coy Schellenberg

vbp+ coordinator

Play Video

Sask producer and Provincial Coordinator Coy Schellenberg gives a rundown on VBP+

  • Funds to build VBP+ come from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's AgriMarketing Program - Assurance Systems Stream of Growing Forward 2

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