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Canadian beef cattle producers strive to protect cattle from disease. Learning how to keep disease from entering the farm, ranch or feedlot, or further spreading, is critical not only for animal health but also to enhance productivity and viability of the beef cattle operation.

To apply biosecurity on their farm, ranch or feedlot, VBP+ operations have several options:

  1. Learn about biosecurity and what it can mean for your operation by reviewing the Canadian Beef Cattle On-Farm Biosecurity Implementation manual (link below).
  2. Evaluate your current practices and identify where gaps in disease prevention may occur by completing the pictured self-assessment tool.
  3. Discuss potential problem areas and gaps with a veterinarian that knows your herd.
  4. Consider a basic set of practices to help avoid disease introduction, including isolation of incoming cattle when possible, controlling high risk visitors, and keeping those travelling internationally in livestock areas away from the operation for a defined period.

Articles and Industry Guidelines

Canadian Beef Cattle On-Farm Biosecurity Implementation (CFIA)

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