Check your inbox for the new VBP+ Certified Producer Newsletter

Emma Cross

Verified Beef Production Plus is committed to staying connected with producers and encouraging producer engagement and continuing education. That’s why VBP+ has launched a new virtual newsletter for certified producers.

On October 15th, VBP+ certified producers received the first edition of the VBP+ Certified Producer Newsletter. This email update will be delivered monthly to keep producers up to date on relevant industry news, new blog posts, and other fresh VBP+ resources. Producers can think of the newsletter as a monthly highlight reel of ways to stay involved and engaged with VBP+.

One feature of the newsletter is a snapshot of the newest blog posts added to the VBP+ website. This quick set of highlights lets producers keep up to date on the most important topics related to the beef industry and production under VBP+, without having to check the blog all the time. Blog posts are linked directly to the newsletter with a quick summary of each article for convenience. For October, check out posts on foreign objects and new sections of the Producer Reference Manual.

In addition, the newsletter keeps producers up to date on exciting and important updates from VBP+. Check your inbox for the updated phone number for VBP+ Delivery Services Inc, as well as a link to the new Simply Verified Beef podcast. Each month, check back for more important information for certified producers, as well as interesting highlights on what VBP+ is up to.

The newsletter also highlights key resources provided by VBP+ to trained and certified producers, as well as the general public. This includes fact sheets, the Producer Reference Manual, and sample records and templates. Last week’s newsletter draws producers’ attention to the shipping record template in preparation for the fall run, as well as the newest sections of the Producer Reference Manual and fact sheets on foreign objects in carcasses. As new resources are released, the newsletter will keep certified producers informed of the latest and greatest tools available to them.

VBP+ is looking forward to staying in touch with certified producers through this newsletter. We are excited to keep you up to date and involved with the latest updates from the world of VBP+.