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Emma Cross

If you keep up with the VBP+ blog, you might have seen our previous blog post about the development of the VBP+ Producer Portal. In 2020, VBP+ changed their assessment to a system of scoring to be more aligned with the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, maintaining the VBP+ equivalency to the CRSB Sustainable Beef Production Standard and associated incentives. But just how do producers use this scoring system?

What is the new scoring system?

The scoring system is a series of questions that help assess whether an operation is meeting the requirements of the VBP+ standard. For a producer, these are the questions that your auditor would go through when they visit your operation for an audit.

Since these questions are new, producers who haven’t done an audit for a few years may not have experienced these questions in an on-farm audit yet. If you have questions about the scoring, please feel free to contact the renewals department at or call 587-328-5980 and choose one of the Renewals Coordinators in the phone directory.

Where does the scoring system appear?

In short, the new scoring system appears throughout the VBP+ standard. “The scoring is very reflective of what the current VBP+ standard looks like,” says Shannon Argent, VBP+ Business Manager.

The Producer Portal is where producers can now submit their renewals (records assessments and self-declarations) electronically. When completing a renewal, producers score themselves using the new system. “A record assessment or self-declaration assesses a portion of the questions you’d be ask at an audit,” says Shannon.

field-guide-coverThe same questions, scoring options, and scoring criteria now appear in all VBP+ producer resources, including the Producer Reference Manual, the VBP+ 2.0 Training on the Canadian Cattle Learning Center, and the Self-Assessment Field Guide.

If you want to explore what the new scoring system looks like, the Self-Assessment Field Guide shows you all of the questions and scoring criteria in a single document.

How does the scoring work?

Each question is defined as either a VBP+ Standard or VBP+ Required question.

VBP+ Standard questions are derived from other standards or industry recommendations, such as the Canadian On-Farm Beef Cattle Biosecurity Standard. These questions have a minimum score of 1 to meet the requirements of the VBP+ program.

VBP+ Required questions deal with critical control points where a record is required to ensure on-farm food safety. These questions have a minimum score of 2 to meet the requirements of the VBP+ program.

For each question, producers can score themselves as N/A, 0, 1, 2, or 3. While each question has individual criteria, the assessments are broadly based on the criteria in the table below.

Score Score Description
N/A This topic does not apply to my operation.

Note: Producers should not use N/A if the topic applies to their operation but they have not had an occurrence. For example, if a producer has a broken needle protocol with a system for record-keeping but has never had a broken needle, they should score themselves a 2, not an N/A. N/A is only intended for questions that are truly not relevant to an operation (ex. the medicated feed/water question on a cow/calf operation that does not use medicated feed or water). 

0 I am not aware of the topic and have no intention of implementing best practices on my operation.

This is a barrier to entry and a corrective action request will be issued.

1 I know about the topic and am learning more about it. I am working towards implementing best practices on my operation.

For a VBP+ Required question, a corrective action request will be issued for a score of 1.

2 I can verbally explain the process that my operation has in place for this topic, and I have a record to show that we are implementing the process.
3 I have a written protocol in place for this topic, and have records to demonstrate successful implementation of the process.

A corrective action request (CAR) is a request for a producer to alter something on their operation to meet the requirements of the VBP+ standard. Receiving a CAR at an audit or on a renewal doesn’t exclude an operation from certification, but rather gives them a timeline to complete the action to meet the standard.

“For the educational resources, there are no corrective actions issued for scoring yourself below the minimum score on the Canadian Cattle Learning Center modules or Self-Assessment Field Guide – the results are never recorded nor assessed,” explains Shannon. These are tools intended to help producers see the scoring before attempting an audit or renewal.

How do I decide which score applies to me?

scoring-example“Self-assessment isn’t easy,” says Shannon. “Producers are a lot harder on themselves than others. You aren’t going to get penalized for being honest. The scores are there to help you as an operation see what you might want to work on or dedicate more resources to.”

On the Producer Portal, producers can click the down arrow beside each question to view the scoring descriptors. Each question has a rubric with specific descriptions of what each score value means for that topic. In essence, each question has a tailored version of the table above to help producers interpret what the scores mean in the context of each question.

These “scoring translations” also appear throughout the VBP+ Producer Reference Manual, and in the Self-Assessment Field Guide.

How do I use the Producer Portal?

microsoftteams-image-18Three months before your certification anniversary date, the renewals department will send you an invite to the Producer Portal by email. Remember to use the same email that received the invite to sign into the Portal to make sure that you can see the form!

If you lose the link, you can find the Portal through our website or click here.

The portal has directions on how to complete a records assessment or self-declaration, including a list of what documents need to be attached. However, we understand that using a new system can be intimidating. We encourage you to contact us at or call 587-328-5980 and choose one of the Renewals Coordinators in the phone directory. Our Renewals Coordinators will happily walk you through completing the form over the phone, or they can ask you the right questions to fill out the form for you, or even send you a paper copy if you prefer.

What happens with the information about my scores?

VBP+ does not share the scores that producers assign to themselves at renewals, nor the scores assigned by an auditor on-farm, with any external party. The scoring system is not punitive and is only used to make sure that operations are meeting the requirements of the VBP+ standard. VBP+ may use an aggregate of all producers’ scores in a particular area to see what areas matter to producers most, for promotion of program accomplishments, or for stakeholders who are supporting sustainability initiatives, but these scores are never tied to an individual operation.


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