vbp+ Producer Profile


Ryan and Beth Vandenhurk

Midale, SK

Describe your operation:

Calve 800-1000 cows Background 2500 calves
Finish 250-500 per year

Who is Involved in Your Operation?

Myself, my wife, our 4 boys. We also have 3 full time and 2 part time employees

Why did you want to become certified with the program?

To stay ahead of the curve. The public is demanding these programs and they help bring to light areas of record keeping that need addressing.

How will being a certified VBP+ operation positively affect your business?

It will provide opportunities to markets and economic benefits associated with that.

In your opinion why is the VBP+ program beneficial to the Canadian Cattle Industry?

The program gives the industry a higher level of transparency and a better image to consumers.