vbp+ Producer Profile

L-7 Feeders

Chad & Crystal Ross

Estevan, SK

Describe your operation:

1,000 head cow/calf
3,000 head capacity feedlot
Became VBP+ in 2017

Why did you want to become certified?

It was very important to the future of our ranch.With VBP+ we have that 3rd party accountabilityensuring that we and our employees maintain thestandards set with all aspects of the ranch &livestock.

How will being a certified VBP+ operationpositively affect your operation/ business?

Personally it has stepped our goals up. On a larger scale we are able to build buyerconfidence while developing safe & effectiveprotocols. We are able to participate in BIX.

In your operation, why is the VBP+ programbeneficial to the Canadian Industry?

Sustainability for our own ranch and the entireCanadian Beef Sector. It gives confidence toconsumers that we are consistent with ourproducts from ranch to ranch by following thesame guidelines.