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Sample Records and Templates

Sample Records and Templates

Treatment Error Sample

Records or documents are important validation showing necessary actions or procedures on the beef cattle operation were done according to requirements. An audit of annual assessment uses the records to look for adherence to the product label or vet prescription. It doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate either; VBP+ will look for the basic information, nothing more.

Click on the document links below to view templates of common records useful for all aspects of your operation and programs. These are only templates; records can be kept in different formats. For example, beef cattle producers may keep records on paper, in downloadable tables or by using a variety of animal health software programs. The record keeping tool can be what is currently in use on the beef cattle operation - what's important is getting the right information recorded.

Included with each blank template is a filled in example of the record. Samples are included to show generic examples of how the records can be used and also to help producers to create their own templates or identify elements in existing records (for example software) and how they can be used on your beef cattle operation. 

Animal Health Records


Record Name Record Template Record Example Related Module
VBP+ Simple Shipping Record    

 Animal Health, Transportation, Biosecurity

 VBP+ Treatment Record - Group  Animal Health,  Biosecurity
 VBP+ Treatment Record - Individual  Animal Health,  Biosecurity
 VBP+ Suspect Broken Needle Record  Animal Health
 VBP+ Toxin Exposure Record  Animal Health,  Biosecurity
 VBP+ Treatment Error Record  Animal Health
 VBP+ Death/Euthanization Record  Animal Health,  Biosecurity, Animal Care
 VBP+ Sold/Purchased/Died Record  Animal Health,  Biosecurity, Transportation
 VBP+ Beef Medications Record  Animal Health, Biosecurity
 VBP+ Animal Movement Record  Animal Health, Biosecurity, Transportation
 VBP+ Herbicide/Pesticide Use Record  Animal Health, Biosecurity
 VBP+ Herd Health Protocol Template  Animal Health, Biosecurity, Animal Care
 VBP+ Transfer of Care Template  Animal Care, Transportation
VBP+ Medicated Feed Record  Animal Health, Biosecurity
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