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Growth Enhancing Product Free Program (EU)

VBP+ is currently applying for accreditation with Standards Council of Canada to certify Canadian beef producers to the Growth Enhancing Product Free Bovine Meat (GEP-Free) to the EU program. 

If you are a producer who is interested in participating in our pilot, VBP+ is offering to conduct EU audits alongside VBP+ audits in an exciting new pilot around accreditation to audit to the Growth Enhancing Product Free program (GEP-Free/EU). For more information (including audit incentivization) contact us at or 587-328-5980, Extension 1. We will be looking at conducting audits in January.

For more information on GEP-Free Program requirements, please click on the following producer resources. 

GEP-Free Producer Handout - Cow/Calf

GEP-Free Producer Handout - Feedlot

  • Funds to build VBP+ come from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's AgriMarketing Program - Assurance Systems Stream of Growing Forward 2

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