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VBP+ Certified Producer Renewals Portal


Part of the power of the Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program is the simplicity and efficiency of the audit cycle. Combining the on-farm audit, records assessments and self-declarations throughout the five-year audit cycle offers producers the flexibility of participation without a yearly on-farm assessment. At the same time, this system provides assurance that best practices and processes are being maintained on VBP+ certified operations throughout the five-year cycle.

Year 1 - On-Farm Audit
Year 2 - Records Assessment
Year 3 - Self-Declaration
Year 4 - Records Assessment
Year 5 - Self-Declaration
Then the cycle repeats. 

In 2022, VBP+ launched our Certified Producer Renewals Portal to provide producers a mechanism to automatically receive and submit their Records Assessments and Self-Declarations. This page contains links and resources to ensure that our certified producers have any support they need to submit these renewal events. 

Click here to access the Certified Producer Renewals Portal >>>>


VBP+ Portal Account Setup Instructions (PDF)

VBP+ Certified Producer Renewals Portal Instruction Video (15 mins)

Logging back into VBP+ Certified Producer Renewals Portal Instruction Video

Self-Scoring for Success (Blog)

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