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In BC the program had an active presence since December 13, 2004 training over 1,000 individuals and registering over 125 operations during this time.   The program is managed through the BCCA Program Delivery Program Inc with representation from the 3 BC cattle associations:


The BC-VBP+ program is one of several programs offered through BCCA Program Delivery Inc. Direction and support of the BC-VBP+ program is provided by the BC Cattlemen's Association, BC Association of Cattle Feeders, the BC Breeder and Feeder Association and the BC Industry Development Fund. 

Growing Forward 2 is a five-year federal-provincial-territorial policy framework for Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector. It is the basis for coordinated, cost-shared programs to help the sector become more competitive and innovative. BC-VBP+ has very appreciatively received funding through both Growing Forward 1 and 2 for many developmental and implementation phases and projects over the years that this national program has been in BC.

Producers may also find funding themselves through Growing Forward 2 (GF2) to assist them with innovation, competitiveness, and market development. GF2 programs are designed to help producers better position themselves to respond to future opportunities and to realize their full potential as a significant contributor to their industry and overall economy. To find more information about a number of producer funding programs go to:


1. Tele-workshops or Webinars - Use your own telephone and/or computer to attend a workshop from the comfort of your home - simply dial in on a toll free number and if your using the computer option sign in to a weblink (given at registration). To attend:

2. On-line Training - Sit at the comfort of your own computer and learn at your own speed. To set up on-line training:

3. Regional Workshops - On-site workshops are arranged on-demand and are free for groups of 10 or more.


Bree Patterson - BC Cattlemen's Beef Production Specialist
BC-VBP+ Program Coordinator
Toll Free (in BC): 1-866-398-2848 Ext 2  


  • Funds to build VBP+ come from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's AgriMarketing Program - Assurance Systems Stream of Growing Forward 2

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